The mannose receptor ligands and the macrophage glycome


Cummings RD. The mannose receptor ligands and the macrophage glycome. Curr Opin Struct Biol. 2022;75 :102394.

Date Published:

2022 May 23


A unique glycan-binding protein expressed in macrophages and some types of other immune cells is the mannose receptor (MR, CD206). It is an endocytic, transmembrane protein with multiple glycan-binding domains and different specificities in binding glycans. The mannose receptor is important as it has major roles in diverse biological processes, including regulation of circulating levels of reproductive hormones, homeostasis, innate immunity, and infections. These different functions involve the recognition of a wide range of glycans, and their nature is currently under intense study. But the mannose receptor is just one of many glycan-binding proteins expressed in macrophages, leading to an interest in the potential relationship between the macrophage glycome and how it may regulate cognate glycan-binding protein activities. This review focuses primarily on the mannose receptor and its carbohydrate ligands, as well as macrophages and their glycomes.