GlycoGlyph: a glycan visualizing, drawing and naming application


Mehta AY, Cummings RD. GlycoGlyph: a glycan visualizing, drawing and naming application. Bioinformatics. 2020;36 (11) :3613-3614.

Date Published:

2020 Jun 01


MOTIVATION: Glycan structures are commonly represented using symbols or linear nomenclature such as that from the Consortium for Functional Glycomics (also known as modified IUPAC-condensed nomenclature). No current tool allows for writing the name in such format using a graphical user interface (GUI); thus, names are prone to errors or non-standardized representations. RESULTS: Here we present GlycoGlyph, a web application built using JavaScript, which is capable of drawing glycan structures using a GUI and providing the linear nomenclature as an output or using it as an input in a dynamic manner. GlycoGlyph also allows users to save the structures as an SVG vector graphic, and allows users to export the structure as condensed GlycoCT. AVAILABILITY AND IMPLEMENTATION: The application can be used at: The application is tested to work in modern web browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. CONTACT: or