Endogenous galectin-3 is required for skeletal muscle repair


Cerri DG, Rodrigues LC, Alves VM, Machado J, Bastos VAF, do Carmo Kettelhut I, Alberici LC, Costa MCR, Stowell SR, Cummings RD, et al. Endogenous galectin-3 is required for skeletal muscle repair. Glycobiology. 2021;31 (10) :1295-1307.

Date Published:

2021 11 18


Skeletal muscle has the intrinsic ability to self-repair through a multifactorial process, but many aspects of its cellular and molecular mechanisms are not fully understood. There is increasing evidence that some members of the mammalian β-galactoside-binding protein family (galectins) are involved in the muscular repair process (MRP), including galectin-3 (Gal-3). However, there are many questions about the role of this protein on muscle self-repair. Here, we demonstrate that endogenous Gal-3 is required for: (i) muscle repair in vivo by using a chloride-barium myolesion mouse model and (ii) mouse primary myoblasts myogenic programming. Injured muscle from Gal-3 knockout mice (GAL3KO) showed persistent inflammation associated with compromised muscle repair and the formation of fibrotic tissue on the lesion site. In GAL3KO mice, osteopontin expression remained high even after 7 and 14 d of the myolesion, while Myoblast differentiation transcription factor (MyoD) and myogenin had decreased their expression. In GAL3KO mouse primary myoblast cell culture, Paired Box 7 (Pax7) detection seems to sustain even when cells are stimulated to differentiation and MyoD expression is drastically reduced. The detection and temporal expression levels of these transcriptional factors appear to be altered in Gal-3-deficient myoblast. Gal-3 expression in wild-type mice for GAL3KO states, both in vivo and in vitro, in sarcoplasm/cytoplasm and myonuclei; as differentiation proceeds, Gal-3 expression is drastically reduced, and its location is confined to the sarcolemma/plasma cell membrane. We also observed a change in the temporal-spatial profile of Gal-3 expression and muscle transcription factors levels during the myolesion. Overall, these results demonstrate that endogenous Gal-3 is required for the skeletal muscle repair process.
Last updated on 06/07/2022