Convergent Synthesis of Sialyl LewisX- O-Core-1 Threonine.


Sardar MYR, Mandhapati AR, Park S, Wever WJ, Cummings RD, Chaikof EL. Convergent Synthesis of Sialyl LewisX- O-Core-1 Threonine. J Org Chem. 2018;83 (9) :4963-4972.


Selectins are a class of cell adhesion molecules that play a critical role during the initial steps of inflammation. The N-terminal domain of P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 (PSGL-1) binds to all selectins, but with the highest affinity to P-selectin. Recent evidence suggests that the blockade of P-selectin/PSGL-1 interactions provides a viable therapeutic option for the treatment of many inflammatory diseases. Herein, we report the total synthesis of threonine bearing sialyl LewisX (sLeX) linked to a Core-1- O-hexasaccharide 1, as a key glycan of the N-terminal domain of PSGL-1. A convergent synthesis using α-selective sialylation and a regioselective [4+2] glycosylation are the key features of this synthesis.

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