Postdoctoral Position at Boston University - Samuelson Lab

The molecular parasitology lab of John Samuelson in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at Boston University Medical Center is recruiting a Postdoctoral Fellow to study Toxoplasma gondii, the human pathogen that causes neurological disease in fetuses and immunocompromised persons. This NIH-funded project, which is performed in collaboration with Christopher West of the University of Georgia, aims to elucidate how addition of O-linked fucose modifies the activities of proteins involved in gene transcription, nuclear transport of proteins and RNAs, and signaling. The fellow will use biochemical and cell biological methods to study a glycosylation pathway that is absent in the host but is present in Cryptosporidium parvum (cause of diarrhea) and Acanthamoeba castellanii (cause of blindness), which are also studied in the Samuelson lab.

The primary responsibility of the position will be studies into the glycobiology of Toxoplasma, including culturing parasites, producing transgenic parasite lines, and characterizing phenotypes in culture, in mice, and/or in cats. The project includes mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis of the parasites, which will be performed in collaboration with Dr. Catherine E. Costello, who is also at Boston University.

Required Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, or a related scientific discipline
  • Experience in cell biology, molecular biology, or molecular genetics laboratory techniques (e.g. cell culture, PCR, microscopy)
  • Willingness to learn glycobiology, super-resolution microscopy, and/or mass spectrometry
  • The ability to work independently, as well as collaboratively


Along with a curriculum vitae and names of three references, candidates must provide a cover letter including the following:

  • Highlights of their research career to date.
  • What they are hoping to learn during their post-doctoral fellowship
  • Scientific career ambitions and research goals
Please send applications to:

John C. Samuelson, M.D.-Ph.D.

Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine
72 East Concord St, Evans 425
Boston MA 02118