Postdoctoral Fellowship - Protein Expression and Modification Division - New England BioLabs

A postdoctoral fellowship is available within the Molecular Parasitology Group of the Protein Expression and Modification Division at New England BioLabs (NEB). The successful candidate will take part in a multidisciplinary effort that seeks to monitor changes in the serum glycan profiles as a consequence of infection with parasitic filarial nematodes and characterize different classes of parasite glycoconjugates.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Optimize and apply methods for profiling changes in various glycan classes in sera through the course of parasitic infection.
• Enrich specific glycoconjugate classes from different life stages of parasitic nematodes and from infected serum for detailed analytical chemistry.
• Publish findings in high quality peer-reviewed journals.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

• Recent Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or related field.
• Experience in glycoprofiling and glycoanalytics.
• Proficiency in large volume data analysis/management from various outputs.
• Publication of original scientific work in high quality journals.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to work in a team environment, as well as an independent researcher.

This position offers exciting opportunities for broad research training, collaboration with academic and industrial institutions, publishing in peer-reviewed journals as well as participation in national and international conferences.

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