2016 Society for Glycobiology Annual Meeting - New Orleans

November 19, 2016

Dear Friends,

It has been an eventful year moving from the University of Alberta in Canada to the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center at the University of Georgia in the USA and planning a really exciting program for the 2016 Society for Glycobiology Annual Meeting!

I would like to formally invite all of you, on behalf of the Society for Glycobiology, to attend the meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, November 19-22, 2016 and to stay at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside for the conference rate of $149 per night. The meeting registration, hotel accommodations and abstract submission sites are now open on our webpage at www.glycobiology.org.

This year, the theme of the meeting is Glycoscience Communities.

We, in the glycoscience field have always realized that sugars impact all aspects of life. What is becoming more and more apparent is how much we are influenced by the environment that surrounds us, the foods that we ingest and the various organisms that populate our planet and our bodies. This meeting will highlight how these complex community networks influence each other – and the important roles sugars play in this intricate web of life.

Prior to the start of the annual meeting, there will be two open satellite meetings in the morning:

Satellite 1: Glycoprotein technologies
Satellite 2: Glyco-Bioinformatics

A new feature this year is that the first session of the Society for Glycobiology annual meeting will be organized by the Consortium for Functional Glycomics. This session will be: Using model systems to understand the biological roles of glycans; Chaired by Richard Steet, Vlad Panin and Hans Wandall. 

The opening session will be followed by the Society award lectures. The purpose of the President’s Innovator Award is to acknowledge the contributions of one scientist each year that has made a significant impact on society. This year, Ajit Varki and I will be presenting Jeffrey Gordon with the Innovator Award for introducing the scientific community to the concept of the microbiome and its influence on all aspects of health and nutrition.

This will be followed by the Karl Meyer Award and lecture and the opening reception. The next three days will include invited talks, selected abstract presentations and poster sessions.

The topics for this meeting and the currently confirmed speakers and chairs are:

Using model systems to understand the biological roles of glycans
Michael Boyce, Vlad Panin, Ajit Varki, Nan Yan
Glycan foraging by vertebrates and microbes
Harry Gilbert, Nicole Koropatkin, Nathalie Juge
Host-pathogen interactions
Mario Feldman, Jorge Galan, Thierry Hennet, Michela Tonetti
Comparative glycobiology: prokaryotes and eukaryotes
Markus Aebi, Laura Kiessling, Kaspar Locher, Rita Gerardy-Schahn
Glycans in development and genetic disorders
Karen Colley, Richard Steet, Kelly Ten Hagen, Yu Yamaguchi, Lori West
Relevance of carbohydrates in disease, diagnosis, prevention and treatment
Charles Dimitroff, Joseph Lau, Celso Reis, Jin Won Cho
New tools and their applications
Jeff Gildersleeve, Lara Mahal, Michael Pierce, Hans Wandall
Glycans and glycan binding proteins in immunity
Fikri Avci, Arturo Casadevall, Brian Cobb, Gordan Lauc

The Society also funds travel fellowships for students and postdoctoral scientists who are members of the Society or whose mentors are members. Joining the Society provides a substantial discount on meeting registration, a discounted subscription to our journal Glycobiology, and membership in FASEB. Some students may also be eligible for the FASEB MARC Travel Award. More information is available on the FASEB website.

Please encourage your colleagues, particularly those that do not normally attend this meeting, to participate. There are still greater than 30 speaker slots available that will be selected from the abstract submissions. Therefore, students should be particularly urged to take advantage of the available travel awards and opportunities to give oral presentations at this international meeting. This year, the posters will be on display throughout the meeting and all submitted abstracts will be published in Glycobiology.

Also, make sure not to miss our Society banquet dinner on Monday, November 21 with New Orleans-style entertainment!

We are looking forward to sharing a memorable Society for Glycobiology Annual Meeting in New Orleans with you!

Christine Szymanski
President, Society for Glycobiology


Registration and Accommodations


Registration, Abstracts, and Award submissions now open
July 22: Karl Meyer & Rosalind Kornfeld Award submissions deadline 
July 22: Early bird registration deadline
August 26: Abstract submission deadline (There will NOT be a late-breaking submission period this year. All accepted abstracts submitted by this date will be published in Glycobiology.)
Sept 19: Abstract acceptance notifications sent
Oct 3: Registration cancellation deadline
Oct 17: Hotel discounted room deadline
Oct 31: Online registration deadline (On-site registration available for $100 additional charge)