• UltraFlex II MALDI/TOF Mass Spectrometer (Bruker) – Used for oligosaccharide structural analyses 
  • Fusion Lumos LC-MS Mass Spectrometer (Thermo) – Used for oligosaccharide structural analyses and MS-MS analysis
  • Prominence HPLC Systems with autosampler, fluorescence and UV detectors, and fractions collector (Shimadzu, 3 systems) – Used to isolate and purify glycans for structural analyses and microarray printing 
  • Microarray Printer (Scienion) – Non-contact printer used for high precision printing of glycan or protein microarrays
  • Ozone Generator (Dwyer) – Used to release oligosaccharides from glycosphingolipids for structural analyses, printing as microarrays, and glycan GRIL analyses
  • 1X51 Fluorescence Microscope (Olympus) – Used for imaging of cells
  • FACSCalibur Flow Cytometer (Becton-Dickenson) – Used for analysis of cell binding by antibodies, lectins, glycan-binding proteins, etc.